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Ashley Gross

The Prompt

Ashley Gross, an AI Community Builder at commercetools, harnesses her deep curiosity for technology to bridge gaps between accessibility and technology, fostering the rise of women in AI. Her pivotal role in deploying over 20 AI use cases has streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency across a marketing team of 100+. Passionate about ethical AI, Ashley strives to ensure technology benefits all, underpinning her community efforts with mentoring and volunteer work. She's on the brink of unveiling an innovative AI project aimed at reshaping conventional views and sparking significant advancements.


The Marketer

Mars Burden is a standout in online marketing, known for creating engaging video content with AI in unique ways. From starting the LIVE MicroLaunch® process to founding Planet Business, he's always been ahead in finding new methods to reach people online. Now, he's pushing boundaries by integrating AI into video marketing, making content that grabs attention like never before and he’ll be sharing his secrets at The World AI Summit this year.

John Arrow

John Arrow, at the helm of FreedomGPT and Mutual Mobile, is pioneering digital autonomy with a focus on personalized AI systems. He stands against the constraints of "Big A.I." advocating for innovation free from censorship. Arrow has transformed sectors from healthcare to finance, blending emerging technologies with strategic foresight. His leadership has earned recognition from Forbes to Inc., symbolizing a journey of redefining industries with a commitment to individual freedom and groundbreaking technology. He’s an expert at unlocking value from technologies such as mobile, IoT, VR, Voice, and AI, who has turned his sights to Digital AI Autonomy.

Adam Lyons

Adam Lyons has distinguished himself by incorporating AI innovations across every aspect of his business endeavors. Leveraging AI, he has been instrumental in scaling over 1,800 small businesses through his SMART Blueprint, optimizing processes, and enhancing decision-making. His advisory role to 500+ brands showcases the implementation of AI to drive growth and efficiency, marking him as a leader in harnessing technology to achieve unprecedented business success. Adam stands out for his counterintuitive approach and the rare, valuable advice he offers, grounded in AI's transformative power. His strategies reflect a deep understanding of AI's potential to revolutionize traditional business models, offering insights that challenge conventional wisdom and open new pathways to success.

Keyan Razi

Good Life Media

Keyan Razi skillfully merges AI with his real estate and marketing expertise, employing innovative strategies to optimize operations and scale his ventures. Through tools like the REI Facebook Ads Quickstart Guide and Automated Bulk Skip Tracing, he leverages technology to refine the selling and buying processes. Razi's approach underscores a visionary use of AI, enabling him to focus on growth while ensuring efficiency in real estate transactions.

Molly Mahoney

Molly Mahoney, known as The Prepared Performer, is a digital growth strategist who excels in leveraging AI for authentic video content creation and organic social marketing. She offers a unique AI Content Creation System that supercharges productivity and lead generation, demonstrating her commitment to integrating AI in ways that enhance human connection and business growth. Her approach is designed to help clients achieve remarkable success without relying on paid ads or complicated funnels​. Her dedication to AI extends into her role as a leader in content creation innovation, where she seamlessly blends technology with the art of communication, ensuring her strategies remain at the forefront of the digital landscape's evolution. Her expertise offers a blueprint for harnessing AI to not only meet but exceed modern marketing demands​.

Kelley Tenny

Women Who AI

As the founder of the Women Who AI Summit, Kelley Tenny is pioneering a platform dedicated to elevating diverse female voices in AI. This initiative complements her extensive background in education and curriculum design through Teach Your Brilliance™, where she merges AI with traditional teaching to revolutionize online course creation. Kelley’s venture into AI education not only underscores her role as a thought leader but also amplifies her commitment to harnessing AI for empowering educators and entrepreneurs alike.

Curt Maly

Black Box Social Media

Curt Maly, a visionary in digital marketing, brings his expertise in leveraging cutting-edge technology for business growth to the World AI Summit. As a co-founder of Black Box Social Media, he's known for his innovative strategies in using web 2.0 to outshine competition and generate significant leads and sales, especially in the real estate sector. His work showcases a profound understanding of how AI and modern digital tools can transform marketing and sales​​. Curt walks the walk and he’ll show you how to use AI in your own business to dominate the social content and ad buying landscape.

Darby Rollins

Gen AI University

Darby Rollins is a pivotal figure at Gen AI University, crafting a bridge between artificial intelligence and content creation. His insights and work have captured attention across various media outlets, including The New York Times and Forbes, positioning him as a go-to expert in AI integration. At the heart of Gen AI University, Rollins spearheads initiatives that democratize AI, making it a powerful tool for creators worldwide. His commitment is to unfold AI's potential, simplifying its complexity for widespread application, and guiding his students towards harnessing its capabilities to revolutionize content production.

Tom Shipley

AVA Aquisitions

Tom Shipley, shrouded in the allure of success, commands the digital realm with AVA Acquisitions, an empire built not just on acquisitions but on a visionary approach to digital agency aggregation. With a saga spanning the rise of Atlantic Coast Brands from the ashes of economic turmoil to a titan in direct-to-consumer markets, Shipley's Midas touch has turned ventures into legends. At the helm of Foundry, he orchestrated a symphony of e-commerce excellence, crafting a beacon for brands in the vast online expanse. Now, with AVA, Shipley weaves a new tapestry of digital mastery, where every stitch is a testament to innovation, culture, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. In the world of Tom Shipley, every move is a step into the unknown, every decision, a leap towards the extraordinary​.

Joe Stolte


Joe Stolte, the enigmatic force behind Daily.ai, has redefined the landscape of digital engagement, merging AI's raw power with the art of communication. At the helm of a revolution, his venture transforms email marketing into a realm of unparalleled personalization and interaction, boasting open rates that industry veterans once dreamed of. This architect of the invisible, leveraging algorithms and insights, crafts messages that resonate deeply and personally, achieving a mystique in engagement previously untapped. In the world of AI-driven innovation, Stolte stands as a beacon, guiding towards a future where technology and human insight blend seamlessly, creating connections that transcend the digital divide​.

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